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The CARSON Family History

By Judy Carson Palmer Ackerman

I am a CARSON, and I have been doing a lot of research into our family.  In fact, my older brother, Terry Evart Carson (lives in Faimont), just submitted a surname DNA (Y-DNA) test that will help us establish our branch of the CARSONS.

 My father was Alvin Corlett Carson (1911-1971), born in Enid.  He married Frances A. Seigler Carson (1910-1999).  Both are buried at Memorial Park Cemetery, Enid.

     * Their children were Terry Evart Carson (1937-_) who was born in Lawton, and Judith Kay Carson (1945-_).  I was born in Enid.

 My grandfather was Evart Lee Carson (1881-1956), born in Ohio and died in Enid.  He married Winnie Mae Corlett Carson (1883-1972).  She was born in Nebraska and died in Enid.  Both are buried at Memorial Park Cemetery in Enid.  Her father staked a claim during the Cherokee Strip Land Run, and settled his three daughters on 160 acres a little north of Breckinridge.  Her father was John Wesley Corlett, and his daughters were Carrie, Julia and Winnie.  One of Carries's daughers married a Failing.

     * Their children were Alvin Corlett Carson (1911-1971); Vera Lucille Carson Ingraham (1914-1998); Cecil Winfield Carson (1916-1997); Irene Mae Carson Pressley (1918-1988); and Everett Lee (Jr.) Carson (1920-1960).

 My great-grandfather was Samuel Aten Carson (1852-1928), born in Ohio, not sure where he died.  He married Rachel Maria Stoops (1855-?).  She was born in Ohio, and I think she died in Colorado at the home of one of her daughters.  Both lived in Enid for many years.

     * Their children were Fredrick Stanley Carson (1876-1970); Gretta Blache Carson (1877-1907); Allie Rowe Carson (1879-1972); Evart Lee Carson (1881-1956); Cecil Maud Carson (1884-1890); and  Paul Kerr Carson (1888-1968).

 My 2nd great-grandfather was James Carson (1816-1888), born in Ohio.  He married Jane Kerr (1819-1900), born in Ohio and died in Iowa.

     * Their children were Finley Kerr Carson (1844-1916); William Monroe Carson (1848-?); Almina Isabell Carson (1850-?); Margaret Louisa Carson (1854-?); Mary Essie Carson (1856-?); James Woodford Carson (1858-?); Edwin McCagne Carson (1860-?); and John Waddell Carson (1864-?).

 My 3rd great-grandfather was William Carson (1776-1846), born in Pennsylvania and died in Ohio.  He married Margaret Beattie Carson (1785-1869), born in Pennsylvania and died in Illinois.

My grandfather, Evart L. Carson, was in charge of the construction of the Champlin home in Enid.  My father, uncles, cousins and brothers all worked for D.C. Bass Construction Co. in Enid.


Submitted by: Judy Carson Palmer Ackerman, Edmond, Oklahoma or