Garfield County Genealogists

Garfield County Genealogists

The Garfield County Genealogical Society of Enid, Garfield County, Oklahoma

 The Garfield County Genealogical Society is an organization of individuals interested in history and genealogy, dedicated to researching and preserving our family histories, and helping others to research their family lineages.  We are located in Garfield County, Oklahoma, in an area with a unique history.  Situated at a watering hole on the old Chisholm Trail, the present-day city of Enid came into existence overnight as a result of the Cherokee Strip Land Run of 1893.  Today it is a modern city in a thriving agricultural area of the southern Great Plains!

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We are a non-profit organization, and all of the proceeds from our Research Services are used to acquire, preserve, and present genealogical information.  Our expert volunteer members are willing to do research for you, and have a high rate of success in producing results.  You can find out how to enlist their services by viewing the Research section.  We have both local and out-of-state members, and the Membership section can provide you with information on the advantages of joining our organization.  Please contact any of the members at left for more information.

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